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About Us


We strongly believe that our business is all about brilliant ideas and subsequent improvisation. Ideas don’t come from groups; they come from individuals. So here we are - a group of people whose profession is ideating. Since no idea is worth its weight without proper execution, we also have a strong back –up group helping turn our ideas into reality.

Almost a decade ago we started off in a one room studio which was also our corporate office! The neighborhood coffee shop served as our creative brainstorming den cum conference room. The beginning was full of struggles when we had to slay the demon called ‘doubt’ lurking within each one of us. Efface we did and how! All it took was one major account to perk us all up and put that proverbial spring in our step. Thanks to the faith our clients invested in us, today we are a recognized and respected name in the industry with an impressive track record and a scorching pace of growth.