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Welcome to Musings


Thanks a ton for taking out time and visiting our site. In the next few minutes we wish to take you through our world which centers on brand building. This unique world of ours includes all the mandatory components including design, production, advertising, marketing and other allied areas.

At this juncture it is customary to break into rhetoric with respect to our expertise, experience, achievements, track-record…….but the whole site is there for that! Moreover, we like to keep things short, crisp and ‘to the point’. Before we proceed any further let us answer one of the most commonly asked questions we face; why is our company called Musings The Agency?

Literally translated, musing means ‘thought, deliberation, rumination, reflection, meditation’ etc. Brand building is all about ideating which in turn is the result of deep thinking. And we are a set of individuals whose existence hinges on ideating and subsequent execution; hence the name ‘Musings’. The phrase ‘The Agency’ is added to convey that we are a business house offering 360 degree solutions in brand building.